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(A) Who We Are

Established since 1988, Omni-Comm has become a leading distributor for Telecommunications equipment in Singapore and the other regions. We are committed to meeting future needs of our expanding markets. The company has acquired a reputation for supplying quality products with one of the best after-sales support in the industry. Our professionalism and experience ensures that our products maintain the highest standards set within a demanding market.

(B) What We Do

Omni-Comm’s products and services comprise the Sale, Installation and Maintenance of Alcatel-Lucent’s PABX and Call Centre Solutions, Data Switches, Wireless LAN, SDH, GPON, xDSL and Ethernet Products; the Genesys Contact Centre Solutions; HP Servers and Data Storage; and other third party products making up a comprehensive portfolio of enterprise and campus solutions. The above are also suitable for application in Data Centers and Cloud Solutions.

A Premium Business Partner of Alcatel-Lucent in Singapore and a Value-Added Distributer in Vietnam, Indochina and Myanmar, Omni-Comm was first appointed in 2001 by Alcatel-Lucent to carry its PABX Systems in Singapore. Today, in Singapore and Indochina, Omni-Comm in Singapore and Omni-Net in Vietnam have reputedly become the supplier to the largest number of Alcatel-Lucent PABX systems. Omni-Comm has a strong presence, particularly, in the hospitality industry. For the past eight years, the company has been sponsoring the Challenge Trophy for the Best Receptionist of the Year in the Hotel Industry at a cost of more than $10,000 yearly. “This is to show our gratitude to our 40 hotel customers, some of our most important clients supporting us”, said Mr. Loke Fook Seng, the MD of Omni-Comm. Despite being small, being a flat organization ensures that the company is agile as sales staff report to Fook Seng directly. “Yearly, we send our employees to KL, Bangkok and even Shanghai for updating them on product knowledge so that all our staff can sell and service our products competently”, said Mr. Loke spiritedly.

(A) Our Director


Mr. Loke Fook Seng

“Our Company has acquired a reputation for supplying quality products with one of the best after-sales support in the industry” said Omni-Comm’s amiable MD, 63-year old Mr. Loke Fook Seng, now into his third job, after going entrepreneurial. Omni-Comm was established in 1988 by a classmate, initially to sell research reports and then cable components. Fook Seng – then half a centenarian and holder of a BA degree in electrical engineering from the Singapore University – joined the company in 2001 after acquiring a 50% stake in it.

A few years ago, he bought over the company’s remaining shares from his classmate and made it a leading distributor for the state-of-art telecommunications equipment in Singapore and the region supplying to clients like the government, manufacturers and hotels.

“The first half of this year was the best in terms of sales revenue with many new hotels requiring PABX and Data Network Systems. Nearly equivalent to the whole of last year when we obtained big Resort project to supply cables and fiber equipment,” said Fook Seng, bringing with him the business of PABX systems to Omni-Comm in 2001. Previously, it was marginally selling optic fiber components.

(B) Our Team



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“Keep up with the growth in new knowledge, skills and technology. We must not stay in our comfort zone. For the competition is intense and it is vital to grow with the requirements of the times”.

In recent years, the company has started offering data networking solutions (including wireless LAN), a comparatively larger market – from just supplying voice solutions for the enterprise, initially. “It was a relatively small market”, said Mr. Loke. “So in the next five years, we plan to further grow our new market sector and ride on the Cloud Revolution that has taken a life of its own. And ultimately, go public listed, if we can grow five times over the next five years”!

The Cloud Evolution will give rise to new, smaller players in data centers’ operations, now dominated by the big telecommunications. These will be where Omni-Comm new customers come from. “In our industry, we need to be constantly changing and keeping up with the times, to escape being marginalized”, said Mr. Loke. Moving in a different direction, Omni-Comm has already established an operation in Vietnam serving the Indochinese markets. “We intend to expand it, for even during the recessionary years, we witnessed market growth”. Myanmar also seems to be a market ready for take-off, particularly in the hospitality business for accommodating early investors looking for opportunities. “We are now serving this market remotely, but aim to set up an office there, soon. Iskandar, Johore, is another place where we can do more”, said Fook Seng.

We know the only thing constant about your Business is Change. And that’s why we developed Omni-Service – the most complete service package ever offered. So if you need to link to a new vendor, we’ll help you. If there’s a better way to suit your ever changing needs, we’ll find it, in record time. The way we have for leading facilities, and Integrated Communication Networks all over the Country. That’s not just a promise – it’s Service Excellence…!


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