An Autonomous Network simplifies connectivity for a wide variety of educational user needs, while ensuring that individuals only have access to authorized applications and systems. The Autonomous Network can be up and running in just a few minutes freeing up time for highly skilled IT professionals to work on new strategic initiatives.
Citizens’ experiences are enhanced through secure, responsive public services, improved emergency response systems and reliable wireless connectivity. Autonomous networks provide the architecture that automates the provisioning of networks and IoT devices, improves the cost of operations, reduces human error and delivers services and applications that governments require and that citizens expect.

Omni-Comm provides key tools that deliver critically important services thus optimising the patient care pathway. Simple, efficient and secure comms enables clinicians to better collaborate and expend time with the people who matter most – their patients. The result is better outcomes for patients, medical staff.

Omni-Comm partners with Key Communication enterprises to offer healthcare specific solutions to customers in their digital transformation.

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