The Autonomous Network provides a secure connection from a user or object to authorized applications. It simplifies and secures how staff, patients, visitors, devices and objects connect to a hospital, clinic or assisted living facility network, while delivering a performance level that is appropriate for individuals, groups, or assets.
The Autonomous Network offers unified access and unified management ensuring seamless interoperability between users, devices and services across the hotel network. Access to applications is restricted to authorized individuals based on their roles. This means they have different network access levels, security and QoS. Network resource usage is monitored to proactively address any potential problems.

Omni-comm works with major hospitality groups and hotels in Singapore and the region in supporting them to use communications to differentiate their properties in today’s expanding, competitive marketplace.

We strive to improve the Guest Experience with our communications solutions for the hospitality groups, with quality service and efficiency to make the difference.

Omni-Comm is a converged partner specialized in offering secure Collaboration, Communications, Data & Wireless Network infrastructure to its customer base.

We are a key partner in Singapore partnering with industry vendors in offering Hospitality specific solutions to our customers in their digital transformation journey.

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